Churchyard of St Andrew's, Colne Engaine

  • Very large beech tree in churchyard needed significant reduction for safety reasons
  • Extra-height cherry picker required to safely cut and bring down branches in small pieces
  • Restricted space around tree
  • Successfully and safely reduced tree
Reducing a beech tree in the Churchyard of St Andrew's, Colne Engaine

Reducing a Beech Tree

Cherry Picker

Working at height

safely trim the branches

re-shaping the beech tree


A re-shaped beech tree

Cherry Picker

Working inside the tree

House is no longer shaded

Tree is now safe

Reducing several trees

Taking care to avoid overhead cables

Using a cherry picker

overhanging a busy main road

Reducing a sycamore tree

safety assured

Traffic Management

The Priory, Earls Colne, Essex

  • A number of large trees overhanging a busy main road
  • Traffic Lights and Road Management
  • All trees needed to be reduced to ensure safety
  • Road needed to be re-opened as soon as possible
  • Electricity and telephone cables were tangled in the trees
  • Roadside cherry picker was required
Oak tree full reduction in Earls Colne

Great Henny, Essex / Suffolk Border

  • Clearing a wood for a local shoot
  • Removing and clearing dead wood
  • Allowing the space for the trees to grow
  • People can now walk safely through the wood
  • Selective thinning to optimise growth
Woodland Management in Great Henny

Woodland Management

Clearing the undergrowth


Clearing the deadwood

Clearing the woods

The apprentice tree surgeon

daddy's little helper

Chestnut Tree, Full reduction in Coggeshall, Essex

Chestnut Tree, Full Reduction in Coggeshall, Essex

  • Large Chestnut reduction and reshaping
  • Carefully avoiding conservatory roof
  • Removed all deadwood and rubbing branches in crown
  • Cleared all waste from site
Chestnut Tree, Full reduction in Coggeshall, Essex